Bankruptcy Appraisals and Foreclosure Appraisals

With property foreclosures on the rise, itís important to understand the process and what you can do to help the situation. When faced with foreclosure, some property owners consider bankruptcy as an option to delay the process or even keep their property. A thorough property valuation, or appraisal, presented in either situation can keep you from losing a lot of money.

Details of the property valuations for both the foreclosure and bankruptcy process must be prepared within a document given to the court so that it is clear, can be easily understood and contains all the required information to be given fair treatment. Choosing an appraisal firm with experience in these areas is essential. You need to be sure your appraiser is skilled in all procedures and methods necessary for precise and thorough valuation of foreclosure properties and bankruptcy portfolios.

Fletcher and Company has a history of providing real estate appraisal services to a wide variety of property types that may be included in a bankruptcy portfolio. We have a proven record as expert witnesses and deliver only the most complete and well-documented appraisal reports that will stand up to cross-examination and help you make the most of your situation.