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Good Measure – a monthly e-newsletter from Fletcher & Company Appraisals that provides inside information on real estate valuation from an appraisers point of view.


  • Timely real estate valuation articles that are relevant to your area.
  • Tech Tips – learn about the latest trends and technologies to help you do your job.
  • Deal of the Month – Insider information on the most significant deals closing now.
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Quality Market Studies

Unlike national data services, Fletcher and Company provides you with local information that is specific to the counties you work in.

Georgia Real Estate Appraisal Map

Fletcher & Company provides expert commercial real estate appraisals and consulting services throughout the Southeast, including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Although Fletcher & Company is primarily a commercial real estate appraisal firm, we also provide real estate appraisals for single-family and small multi-family residential properties to complete the full spectrum of real estate types.

Contact us today to learn more about appraisal services, as well as:

  • Tax Assessment Review.
  • Eminent domain and condemnation property transactions.
  • Dispute resolution – divorce, estate settlements, property partition suits, foreclosures and zoning issues.
  • Capitalization rate studies
  • Market rent and trend studies.
  • Expert witness testimony

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